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  What can you expect?
What can you expect from „kledini innovations”?

  • Provide innovative and cost-effective General Management Consulting on world-class level for Services for
    • Board and Executive Management of Global companies
    • Investors and Management of small/medium Enterprises (SME)
    • Individuals in challenging Executive Management positions
  • Provide independent meta-consulting services: challenge and give feedback on existing consulting recommendations
  • Provide temporary management services for companies and investors: acting as ad interim manager in an Executive position
  • Provide analytical services for consultancies selectively
  • Provide enterprise brokerage services such as succession planning
  • Trust-based relationship, cost-effective servicing and delivery professionalism are the key elements towards the clients
  • Innovative approaches support the systematical and analytical problem-solving of business challenges to be solved
  • Impact of projects is mainly driven by close implementation support: success is defined by realized impact of identified benefits